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When Junk mail has an agenda….

I received a strange piece of junk mail.  I usually glance and shred, but this one just infuriated me.

The envelope states for all to see;

2013 National Impact Survey of the Radical Homosexual Agenda on South Carolina Schools.

Yeah, you read that correctly.  Sounds official too.  It’s not. 

It is from the CWA, Concerned Women of America Headquarters.  I won’t bore you with the pure religious-based bias of this document. It’s a survey to push fear of passing a same sex marriage law and the CWA states clearly, not implying at all, that teachers in SC have an agenda to promote homosexuality.

The CWA accuses the Obama administration of forcefully advancing that view.  

The document goes on to ask very leading questions, nullifying a survey by any standard.  I did some newspaper and magazine reporting early in my career.  I learned how to ask non-leading questions as the reporter is required to be objective.  Otherwise, you have given the writing a ‘slant.’ (Editorializing)  It’s all over this survey with the CWA insisting “they are the only organization willing to stand up and say that homosexuality is wrong and that God can free people from this sin.” 

Really, cupcake?  Then tell me, what day did you chose to be a heterosexual?  Hum? 

The survey states: “CWA has uncovered proof that children in grades as early as kindergarten are being taught that cross dressing is an acceptable practice and may be encouraged.”

Where is your proof?  I know teachers.  My niece teaches kindergarten. They are mothers and grandmothers and would never speak on this subject to children so young.  It wouldn’t come up and the explanation is up to parents. If this were true, it would be on the news.  How many times have you seen a report on something as light as a rude person denying a tip? 

Below several questions it asks, Do you support this practice? And “What kind of impact do you believe this will have on young children?”

Now, it was easy to do a quick search through the Board of Education agenda for anything remotely connected and sex or sexual preferences was not on the agenda.  The final page of this survey asks you to sign a pledge and give money for their cause.  Naturally.  You can’t go around being a racist bigot without cash. 

I’m tempted to write on it and send it back, but they aren’t worth the forty seven cents.

I truly don’t get the flack over gay marriage and what that has to do with anyone’s life except the lives of the two consenting people involved.  It’s not my business and no one has the right to deny those American’s their right to marry.  Obviously these religious zealots don’t understand the separation from church and state.  The CWA’s Christian attitude is selective. 

I was raised by two very good Christians and learned early that caring for those less fortunate is a DAILY goal, and its never biased.  My question to the CWA… who raised you  people?


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