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Happy New Year, or as a friend reminded

Happy New Year, or as a friend reminded me, Russian Orthodox Christmas 🙂 Life is becoming more, hmm, manageable, these days so I plan on coming out from under my rock. I had four books out toward the end of 2013 with no time to tell people about them so I’d like to play a game. I’ll put out a line or two, and see if you guys can match the piece with the book. Of course there will be prizes!
Crimson Gold – western romance
Always a Bridesmaid – contemporary short romance
Wiccan Dream – paranormal YA
Not Quite a Princess – coming of age YA

example:“Animals sense ghosts,” Rhee said. “It’s been documented a million times.”
“Are we surprised?” Melody shook her head. “I’m just not crazy about the idea of a bunch of invisible stalkers. I could reach out my hand and touch somebody? Yuck.”
answer: Wiccan Dream
From now through the end of January, I’ll be posting via twitter. Let’s have some fun!!

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