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If you could have a whack at balancing the government budget, where would you cut first?

How convenient that this is the week’s topic with the Babes, considering the House and Senate are still sitting on their asses and not working out the budget that forced the shut down.
I live in a military town. There are two Marine bases and one Navy within 3 miles of my house. My husband is retired Marine, and a government contractor. I see suffering the shut down has already caused.
The commissary is closed. That’s our grocery store. For those Marine families living on Parris Island, without a second car, that’s the only place they can shop. So now, we deny essentials to women and children. The mess halls still run, but dependents can’t dine there. See how poorly this was set up? Secondly all that food that’s on a time limit will spoil, forcing the government to purchase more, doubling the cost and offering no profit. Already health care has been cut to the bone. Even the civilian staff was forced to take a furlough before the shut down. The government privatized services to the military such as housing and contractors are known for stiffing the government with a hefty bill. Anyone else see a problem?
Family Team building offices are closed, and this is a little social but mostly offering services like counseling, help with wills, deployments, babies, anything the family’s needs. The doors are closed today. All the services offered to single troops are closed, including the game rooms and clubs. So who does this benefit when the cost to run those service are minimal? By the way, Family Team building is mostly volunteer so all they are saving is the electric bill.
I mention these point becaseu aside a lot of military families losing WIC and any other assistance, I’m certain my area is just one example. There are thousands in like situations Military or not, and I haven’t even touched on the medical treatments now being denied. People could die from a damn shut down.
I heard on the news a senator spoke on the floor about why we shut down the staff gym but not the executive gym? I know you’re shaking your head, groaning like me and likely thinking “this is why nothing is done. You waste time over stupid crap.” The House &Senate can do a quick jog around the block like us poor folk. Cut the gym from the budget. Both of them.
Now what about that money the American tax payer paid out for the last crisis? Where are the billions owed by stock and AIG and all those damn insurance and brokerage houses that screwed us in the housing market? Did no one pay their fines? Did no one go to jail? And let’s not forget the automotive companies who came begging. Too big to fail crap started us on the downward spiral. Bush approved millions before he left office and then Obama added trillions to liars and corrupt corporations yet I don’t see anyone in jail, do you?
Politicians are lying to America. Big lies. 50 trillion to save the banks yet America is still suffering with foreclosures, corrupt loans and high fuel costs? Let’s add the insult that nearly 10% of Americans are out of work.
Cutting essential programs isn’t the answer. Cutting everything else is. House and Senate spend more money entertaining (lobbyists) than you and I spend in ten years. Flights, car rentals, hotels meals all courtesy of the American taxpayer. Is this right when one year’s salary for a senator would take my household out of debt– completely. Yes. All of it.
Any extra service to the House and Senate is next. America is tired of being punished for YOUR mistakes. Let them all learn to survive on a tight budget. Start bringing a bag lunch senator. Take your own car and fill it up at the local Texaco, not the gas pumps in the senate’s lower garage.
NASA goes too. No more space shuttle. None. We have to draw the line somewhere and billions spent for space doesn’t make sense when children in our country go hungry. Exploring space is not as important as exploring new energy, agriculture, and ways to save the poor. That leads me to …
The Department of Energy. They have not accomplished their mission. It was formed when gas prices rocketed in the 70’s with Jimmy Carter and hasn’t done much to change the fuel use in the US. lowering the speed limit to fifty five didn’t save gas. It’s the private sector who has developed cleaner fuel, wind mills, solar energy. Sorry, DOE, you haven’t proven your worth, times up. Now we just added forty million and each year after.
The IRS. Flat tax and we no longer need the IRS. Roosevelt said when it was implemented we’d never stop it, and he was right. Being taxed repeatedly for what we already own is unacceptable. Why should I pay tax on a car its entire life when I paid the tax when I bought it. It’s done. You cannot milk us every year.
How about when elections come around none of us vote. At all. Revolt. Then current jack asses will be out of office and we can start over.
Clearly, it’s not working.

Your thoughts?


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One thought on “If you could have a whack at balancing the government budget, where would you cut first?

  1. There are so many slots to address. For instance, all NASA projects going to MARS: Shut them down. No only will astronauts be over radiated and return with cancer, but some astronauts may return blind. We won’t figure that out until we know what to do with radiation on earth.

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