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Got this…

Middle of the week, juggling all kinds of stuff, but mostly I’m really happy to be here. Yes, I’ve got a list of jobs to do that I never seem to get close to finishing, but today I took a break and went to Arubas for lunch, where I split a sandwich and grabbed a beer with a friend while watching the stormy ocean waves crash against the pier. There is something soothing about a thunderstorm on the water – when you’re cozy behind the window and get to watch the pelicans dive bomb the fish, and the seagulls tag along for anything they miss.
I’ve got contest entries to finish judging for FRW’s annual contest, a short story to write, a book to edit for a client and two books of my own to get wrapped up. But if I start to feel too overwhelmed, remembering the waves helps calm me down.
Makes me think, even if I’m totally deluding myself, that I got a handle on this crazy ride called life 🙂
how do you handle too much at once?? Share, please

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