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Superstitions are ripe…

I’m going off topic today and want to talk about superstitions.  If you think you don’t have any in your life you are probably incorrect.  That idea came to me as I was perusing my shelves of books for a novel I knew I had purchased but could not locate it.  So as I stand here dictating this into a voice recognition, I count six books on superstitions, all research for paranormal stories.  I went a little overboard but then, I’ve been writing paranormal twenty years before publishers jumped on that wagon.

Everyone’s beliefs are their own but just keeping track of my superstitions for a couple of days made me realize that yes, I am superstitious.

If I spill salt, I toss a bit over my shoulder.  The Irish Cures, Mystic Charms and Superstitions by the Lady Wild, says never give away any salt or fire while the churning is going on for to upset the salt is exceedingly unlucky and a bad omen.  To avert evil, gather salt and fling it over the right shoulder into a fire with the left hand.  Yes, I do it just never that specific.

My mother believes in a custom that if you put your pajamas on inside out you weren’t supposed to take them off and turn them right side out, but to just keep them on.  I know that you’re not supposed to mend a dress while you’re wearing it (as in stitching up the hem) or evil and malicious reports will be spread about you. (so says Lady Wild’s book)

One of my superstitions is I have never lit a cigarette off of a candle. To do so is bad luck.  I heard that when I was in my twenties.  I also don’t blow out candles, but clap them out.  That came from my study of the craft for Irish novels and references not disrespecting the caretakers of the elements and well, it just never left me.

When I sweep the floor, I sweep towards the door and out over the threshold.  That sweeps all negativity out with the dirt.  There is even an Irish blessing framed and hanging in my hall near the door and below it is a broom with the bristles pointing upward. To keep goodness from spilling out.

I’m half Irish and half Sicilian and my Nana once told me that ‘The Jettatura can give you the molokia and you would be harmed.”  To protect against it she gave me a horn with a mustard seed inside.  I still have that horn somewhere in this house.

When we bought our house my father, an ordained Catholic deacon, blessed every doorway and window.  I truly felt that none of us could actually sleep in the house until then.  I had to clean out the negativity from the previous owners, who were divorcing.  That’s a part of my Catholic upbringing, however I also sage the entire house with a smoke sage and I salt my property.  Considering that we were robbed a few months ago I think I need to do it again.

I do remember my son when he was about fifteen years old trying to move a large mirror when he was told not to and it broke.  From that moment on my son had the worst fortune, barely made it out a high school, went to the Citadel and was hazed from 240 pounds down to 145 and looked like he was an Auschwitz victim.  His tour in the Marines left him so banged up he couldn’t stay in and he was injured in Iraq to the point that he’s disabled.  coincidence or not, I’m not one to dismiss it but am also not one to live by that either.

Yet I had a fortune cookie once that had my father’s favorite saying “Keep on keeping on.” I played those numbers on that stupid little fortune cookie and won several times until I lost the numbers.  Coincidence?   Yes.  Or perhaps it’s simply faith.

So, do you have any superstitions?


A Handbook to Literature

A Handbook to Literature, Seventh Edition.  William Harmon and C. Hugh Holman

I’m a writer – I get mostly decent reviews, my editors haven’t ever threatened to cut me off at the keyboard, and I have an amazing group of writer friends who all tell me I know my craft.

They lie 🙂

I opened this book, figuring I’d be pretty familiar with the content.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. Random opening to page 181. Empiricism. Anybody want to guess?

Empiricism: In philosophy the drawing of rules of practice not from theory but from experience. Hence, an empirical method is sometimes equivalent to an ‘experimental’ method or scientific knowledge. In medicine, however, an ’empiric’ usually means a quack.

Next random page? Metrical Accent : The accent called for by the rhythm pattern in poetry.

Nucleus: The heart of a syllable; almost always a vowel. A paradigmatic syllable consists of a nucleus necessarily, and possibly an ONSET (consonant matter) before and a CODA (consonant matter) after.

*I knew this one!!

Penny Dreadful: A cheaply produced paperbound novel or novelette of mystery, adventure, or violence or popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in England

Last random page?

Spuria: Collective plural for such spurious items as forgeries and fakes

This was just a sampling of all the cool stuff I was clueless about – if you get a chance to browse this book, it will have you scratching your head, going “Really??”



If you could talk to America ….

Oh my, get ready for a little ranting.  Our country needs a bitch slap.

Just read the headlines.  Here it goes…

Stop killing our children.  Need I say more to the creeps who hurt babies?  Children are innocent and the product of their rearing.  An adult hitting a child is the same as an adult being hit by a car. The power ratio is that far off.  And mothers killing their children–sorry, I can’t wrap my brain around that.

Ban automatic weapons to anyone except law enforcement and the military.  I have fired handguns, rifles, even an M16, and everything in between up to a 50 caliber machine gun.  Granted, for the latter, my targets were laser, but the guns were real and held the same kick or a bit less.  Without body mass power and training, firing the weapons gets out of control easily.  None but the highly trained can truly handle them or have the need.  Why does anyone need an AK47?  They sure as hell don’t need one to hunt animals and if you are, you’re not a real hunter.

Use the court system to divorce, not a hand gun.  Nothing, except defending yourself and  your family should push you to kill another human being to get them out of your life.  There is always another avenue to choose.

Stop producing reality TV shows. They are pathetic. I don’t watch them, any of them. Ninety percent is scripted.  I don’t get the fascination with seeing people show how low they can sink for money.  And really, is your life so terrible you enjoy watching people be vulgar and mean on TV?

Nastiness on the internet.  You are anonymous if you want to be.  If your ‘handle’ on the internet is something like kittygirl204 then you are not being yourself.  I’m not saying that the odd combination you’re often forced to use is bad, but when you don’t sign with your real name, you are playing the ‘I can be nasty and no one will know’ game.  People cause others to commit suicide with cyber bullying, you don’t think being mean will have repercussions?  You are wrong.  Post anything you like but don’t get defensive when someone comes after you.  Just an FYI, if they want to find you, they will.

Congress & Senate.   Get off your ass.  Do something to help America not your back pocket.  America hates you.  All of you. You live the high life, working perhaps six months a year for nearly $200,000, plus a staff budget, plus an entertainment budget… the list is long.  Sequester Cuts have taken a grand from my budget and millions of others who need that cash to survive.  What are you sacrificing?  Not even lunch in the senate dining room, I’d bet.  With that said, we need a squad of military wives (or any head of a household following a budget) to get in there and cut.  We’ve had our budgets strained and piecemealed away by YOU who know nothing about being frugal.  The House and Senate have made it clear in the last ten years (or more) that they don’t recognize unnecessary spending and fraud.  We do.  Honestly, I think the entire government should be fired and some laws rewritten.

From the daughter, wife and mother of US Marines…. don’t make me come up there.

I think we need a revolution.  Anyone with me?


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