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Got a peeve about the progress of technology and society?

Yes, yes yes!!!
My biggest peeve can be stacked on top of a huge pile. (and will cause an avalanche) The instant message, twitter, cells, and email give people power that their opinion matters and expressing it will bring change. Really? When we have people killing because of some internet comment? How about those tormented souls who are bullied into taking their own life? I hate that it’s so easy for assholes to express themselves and in as much as I like getting information fast, let’s be specific. Opinion is not information. It’s a personal view that’s colored with background, how they were raised, the list goes on.
I have a healthy level of cynicism but then again, I’m not married to my cell phone or internet. In fact, in a week I’ll be unreachable. I like that. Not every portion of your life needs to be shared and in a world of ‘Selfies’ and constant posting on FB, we see it all. Even the parts no one should see. And its there for the world forever.
I don’t text or FB constantly. I don’t have the cell on unless I’m in my car. And even then I forget it’s there. If you text me, I won’t answer. If you email me with something time sensitive, then its more likely to get by passed. I am not weeded to technology.
What truly ticks me off is the arguments under 20-soemthings want to have with the aged as if they know the world. Really? You want to argue about politics with people who actually participated in the Million Man march, or recall in real time the Kennedy assassination. Or a military service member who has walked into a live fire battle? You little self important moron. Who raised you not to respect experience? And that’s the truth of it. The internet has created a society of people who feel they truly are the brains of the world. Ya know what? Someone over 40 invented that little phone stuck to your ear and you allow to rule your life. I saw a man walk on the moon, the rest of you watch a video. And no, its not the same. Not by a long shot.
End of rant.

Amy, the old broad.

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