2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Bathing suits and hats. Yup, you heard it here.

Instead of working, or marketing, or writing, I spent the day with my close friend, who is visiting for a few days from North Carolina.  We started the morning with coffee (me) and tea (Sheryl) – then later we went to lunch at Ocean 101 off of Commercial in Lauderdale by the Sea.  We talked and gabbed and caught up all while People Watching of the kind that can only be done in a small beach town. Sunburned noses, tired parents allowing kids to go ahead an play in the street, older couples strolling down the sidewalk, hand in arthritic hand.  Idyllic. Quaint. But wait – here come’s a guy in too-short swim trunks in a hat and boots. Why not? And a girl in a hot pink bikini with a baseball cap and a sweatshirt to stave off the chill from the 86 degree weather. The man with the beer overhang, hairy chest and gold chains sporting a bandana – we’ve all seen him before, in jeans with a plumber’s crack. Only now he’s on vacation with the fam 🙂

After lunch, Sheryl and I walked through the shops – maybe she was picking up on the Hat Vibe, ’cause this one called to her as if they peanut butter and jelly.

sheryl hat

Isn’t she cute??

After that, we raced home before the rain and now we are enjoying a glass of Twisted Sisters At The Beach – a North Carolina wine she brought for us to share, along with The Biltmore, another yummy Carolina zin.

I hope you all are having a terrific Wednesday – cheers!

twisted sisters at the beach wine

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