2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Flaws! Who, me??

Just kidding 🙂
I am loaded with flaws and idiosyncrasies. Hmm, you say. That might be interesting. But trust me – it isn’t very interesting stuff, it’s just what makes me, me.
Since living alone, I’ve been getting to know me pretty well. I am not as nice as I could be.I know when I’m being a little gritchy, but knowing doesn’t re-set my balance. I like a walk on the ocean or a nap for that!
I have this ridiculous need to sort through emotional things and ‘tag’ them – as if labeling them allows me to put them away. I’m not sure if this is successful or not. Some things refuse to stay packed in the box!
I like to plan ahead. Even though I know that we only have this one day, today, I still like to plan and prepare for the upcoming week/month/year. It makes me feel proactive, as if I have some control over my world. I know that there are things beyond my control, but I like to do it anyway, lolol.
I am over focused at times, and forget to take a breath.
I dislike order. I prefer a little chaos. A straight line bothers me.
I don’t care about which way the toilet paper roll goes – or if my socks are folded. I’m content if things are clean – it doesn’t have to be perfect.
I don’t cook. I can, and will for family because I love the act of being together over food and conversation, but I’d be happy with meals delivered to my door from the gourmet market.
Same thing for laundry. I’d love to hire out 🙂
Wow – now you know just some of the things that make me human and unique. Come on and share yours!!
I dare you, lol


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