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Queen’s Guard :Peony – Available today!

I’m really happy that the second book in the Queen’s Guard series is out – and I’m really hoping that sales fly through the roof so that I can continue the rest of the series, lolol. I clearly remember my first book release. It was like magic! All of the work I’d done and the story I’d poured my heart into, available for readers to do what they do – read.
And connecting to our blog subject this week, I’ve had good reviews and bad reviews. I remember the first time a woman emailed me after reading Love’s Magic. She told me that my book had taken her away from hours of tedious pain in the chemo chair.
That brought what we do, as writers, home. I owe the reader a story that will hopefully transport them to whatever world I’ve created. This is my fifteenth book out today – and while I don’t need to celebrate by going out to dinner, the feeling is still very magical.
All week Peony will be on special for 99 cents, and I’ll be blogging at Writerspace, as well as on my facebook page. I’m doing an impromptu contest thing with all of the amazing people commenting on my medieval tidbits. Love, love all of the history buffs on facebook!
So, I hope you take a chance on Peony, and give me the opportunity to write Mamie’s story (Rose) next. She’s a bunch of fun 🙂 Feel free to write a review!

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