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You suck


Yes, I’ve heard that more than once, but more frequently now that readers have more outlets on the internet.  Does it bother me?  Sometimes.  I’m pretty thick-skinned but sometimes a reader will post something incredibly stupid and that irritates me.  Hey – if I could write a book that appealed to everyone, I’d be one wealthy woman.


The latest comment that jerked my chain was where else?  Goodreads.  Some reader took me to task for describing a location the same way in 2 different books.  Note to reader – it’s an ongoing series and the descriptions have to have continuity.  I can’t just make up new descriptions in every book.  If I did there would be more Goodreads floggings with my name attached.


Here’s what I don’t like.  The internet gives people anonymity and that often inspires people to say things they wouldn’t normally say.  I had one reader who posted a review on Amazon and while I was fine with the fact that she hated everything about the book, I was pissed when she announced who the murderer was in her review.  I did complain to Amazon and they removed the review as it violated their posting policies. (BTW, in my complaint I asked only that they remove the one sentence reveal of the villain, it was their choice to take it down in its entirety).


Here’s a factoid . . . some authors pay people to write positive reviews for them on all the sites.  If a genuine reader wants to comment, positively or negatively, I’m good with that.  I’m not good with the practice of buying five star reviews.  You?



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One thought on “You suck

  1. The ‘payers’ are idiots. As if we all won’t learn the truth?
    I’m okay with any comment that is honest. I agree the Net gives some people an outlet to be nasty and most often, those people have never read the book. It’s further proof to not give weight to any review now.

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