2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

People Are Strange

When you’re a stranger – faces look ugly, when you’re alone…who doesn’t love The Doors, or Jim Morrison, who could be the Poster Boy for Strange?
I am going to avoid the obvious selection in my life of people who have been horrid, in favor of a light an fluffy sort of awful, lol. Working with the public provides endless sources of “what the hell?” And last week was no exception. A woman shaped like a water barrel with legs wearing costume make up (blue eye shadow, black liner, pink cheeks and red lips) pranced inside the shop and ordered an iced coffeee.
Easy, right?
No. She requested the barista wash his hands, put on gloves, and add precisely twelve ice cubes. Two pumps of classic – light non fat milk. In a sing song voice, she made her specifications very clear.
The barista, wanting to make the customer happy, did every step as required, then handed off the drink with a smile.
She handed it back, telling him to do it again. He’d put a lid on the drink, and she didn’t want one.
After doing it all over, the barista presented the beverage, with a smile, lolololol, and the woman walked over and deposited an imaginary tip in the box before dancing out the door.
I think I’ll take TWO of whatever she’s having….

Share your strange story!!


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