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When the past comes back to bite you


Social media can be a wonderful thing, but it also has its drawbacks.  A couple of weeks ago I got a friend request from a guy I knew briefly in college 30+ years ago.  I made the mistake of going out with him once and the next thing I knew, he was planning our wedding.  Back in the day – before caller ID and the word stalking was in vogue, he was considered a pain in the ass.  Now I’m not implying he was dangerous, just persistent.  I didn’t find out until after the date from hell that he lived in the apartment across from mine with a clear view into my bedroom.  My roommate was kind enough to switch rooms with me but Mr. Persistent kept calling.  After a month or so I told him I was seeing someone.  In about a week he called to tell me I’d lied – which I had – there was no boyfriend.  He continued calling and making a pest of himself until the end of the semester.  I switched rooms and never heard from him again.


Until the seven Facebook messages.  Apparently his persistence is a lifelong thing.  I checked out his profile and he’s married with five kids.  Still lives in my old hometown.  Apparently none of that stopped him from asking if I was happily married.  Seriously?  I ignored him.  I guess once a stalker always a stalker.

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2 thoughts on “When the past comes back to bite you

  1. that’s really creepy Rhonda. I feel for the wife and keep seeing those TV episodes on ‘Who the Bleep did I marry?”

  2. That is beyond disturbing. But what a great storyline! You could totally update your story with today’s technology and social media with some kind of psycho-killer drama.

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