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Whoop Ti Do Authors

Ego can be a tricky thing. We want to be confidant as we discuss our books. We want to share the world we’ve created with others who might like our project, and by extension, us.  Authors are not movie stars – typically, lol. Harley Jane Kozak is an exception that comes to mind, and she is as humble as she is beautiful! Most of the authors I know are on the quiet side of the spectrum, and more comfortable behind the table than at a podium with a microphone. I happen to love a micrphone, but I taught myself to treat my booksignings as sales events, and I had to be both artist and promoter. I did a stint as president of my local writing chapter (Gooo FRW!) which allowed me to grow my confidence. Ego, acting in a way that is appropriate. Healthy.

Who knows if another stint behind the podium would have been the turning point, taking my confidence to the diva stage? Okay, that’s not really me – but the one time I witnessed an author behaving badly, it came as a shock. This person was nice as pie, worked hard, and believed in her craft. Generous, too. So imagine my surprise when she behaved like a D I V A at a local booksigning with other authors. She wanted a table separate from ours, and across the room. And she was not above having a temper to get her way.

Wow. She’s reverted back to sweet and wonderful since then, but I’ve never forgotten it. I’m always on guard for those moments when an otherwise healthy confidence level can take a turn toward prideful monster – bwahahahahaha.

I’ve got amazing friends in this industry, and both of my fellow babes are part of my growing up process. I’ve been blessed, and shown the ropes. I hope to do the same for anyone needing a helping hand – this industry does not have to be cut throat. In fact, if that is the support you are getting, I’d suggest moving on 🙂

Okay – fan girl moments? Meeting Tim Dorsey at Murder on the Beach bookstore – amazing. He wore a stained sweater and khakis – seemed nervous, but oh so very nice. Catherine Coulter – love her!  She was very sweet, and had her ‘assistant’ take my name and email info. Heather Graham – down to earth and really amazing human being, Cherry Adair, the most generous woman in the universe – I even met Nora Roberts once! The list goes on, and I’m pleased to say, that aside from that one incident, I’ve never been treated rude by a writer.

I’ve spilled my guts – who have you met? Nice, or nay?

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