2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Habits to break, ones to keep…

It’s true. Twenty–one days of strict guidelines for yourself and you can break a habit.  Or make one, your choice.   I say that easily, but it’s not.    I’m trying to get back to the routine that drove me through writing thirty seven books and it’s slooow  in coming.   SO—for me, I must get into the strict timeline and ignore the housework and errands until I’ve completed something.  I used to work with pages a day, not word count, but that fell by the wayside after book #10  and I just did it.  But taking writing from so-so job to I’m getting paid for this is not difficult.  Someone gave me money and I’m expected to earn it.  Duh. 

Doing that job without pay isn’t any easier and that’s where the slacker comes in and takes over. 

She is such a pain, that slacker Amy. I don’t like her so I get mad at that bad self.  And I start a new ‘let’s break that habit’ and I’m off. Sticking to it helps with constant reminders that pop up on my computer.  I need that annoying visual. 

 The habits I’ve broken were my pack and half a day smoking. I’ve quit completely for a few months, then fall off the wagon.  One smoke of a real cig and I’m right back to electronic for the simple reason that it burns my throat and tongue now.  Another habit is the no writing… yes, got into that for a nearly 2 years so this is a huge habit that must be mashed.  I’m writing daily and on something that might sell, instead of random writing exercises. 

Habit broken.

With that, I will sign off and get to work on a new proposal.


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