2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Give it up . . .

To quote our Babes cheat sheet lovingly prepared by Babe Amy, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so what would I change?

You thought I was going to say smoking, right?  Wrong.  I’m a considerate smoker who doesn’t smoke in her house or in cars with other people.  So I’ll continue to smoke in my self-imposed exile, while keeping my second-hand smoke to myself. 

Not that I’ve been diagnosed, but if I could get rid of any habit it would have to be my penchant for order.  It borders on OCD.  For example, all light switches must be in the same position – I’ll go through my house for 20 minutes making sure all the switches conform.  I must reset the odometer on my car whenever I fill up with gas.  This one is particularly stupid since my car has a gauge that automatically tells me how many miles I have to go before I run out of gas.  Still, I can’t keep my fingers off the reset button.  I can’t write a book until I’ve completely finished a Power Structure file for that book.  Even a 100-page novella gets plotted in detail before I hit the starting gate.  On some level this is good.  On other levels it can be an unnecessary time suck.  I’m working on a Finley short for direct sale through Amazon and even though after five books I know the characters inside and out, I still have to go through the same process.  Stupid, I know. 

I have made some progress.  I gave up on the pristine house thing.  In the not so distant future, I wouldn’t write until my house was spotless.  Yeah, well this house would take me 2 days to clean and after that I’d be in bed for 2 days lying on a heating pad.  We bought a large home because my mother was living with us at the time (one of the 7 levels of Hell).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice house but it’s too much house for one person to clean.  I do have a maid who comes in once every 2 weeks and I’ve decided that’s enough on the home front.  Plus I have a hubby who doesn’t mind doing housework.  He even does it without being asked.  He also does laundry.  It’s like having a wife.

So see?  Smoking isn’t my only character flaw.

Enjoy your day – Rhonda

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