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My Cell phone etiquette rules…

Let me preface this with some facts. I am not glued to my cell phone and I am very careful of using it in public.  A cell is a tool, not my life line.  I’m a grown up and I have my priorities straight.

1.  No using a cell phone when it threatens lives.  As in while you are driving.   I want to ram the cars where I see someone driving erratically because they are trying to do it with a damn phone to their ear.  No text either.  Cars are 4 ton machines that need your complete attention.

2.  No using a cell phone while you are supposed to doing something else, like load your items on a store conveyor   It angers me that the rest of us have to wait on you because you can’t cut a call off when it’s your turn at the register.  And yes, I’m the bitch that calls you on it in public.  I get a cheer from fellow shoppers so I know I’m not alone in this)  Do the job, then go chat.  Did no one teach you how to be courteous to other human beings?

Which leads me to #3… if you don’t want anyone to hear your conversation, take it outside.  I will stop, stare you in the face and listen.  The person says, “Hey, this is private!”  I say, “And this is public.  Deal with it like an adult.”  I don’t want to hear your conversation.  Ever.  On the same vent, I won’t chat on a cell in public.

4.  No crass dirty monologue from a TV show as your voice mail. I won’t call you back nor will I leave a message.  Let’s be good and not vulgar.  Not everything on TV should be repeated ad nauseum.

5.  Do NOT answer a text or even check your phone during a conversation with me.  I’m a mom and old.   I’ll snatch that puppy out of your hand because you obviously don’t know how to hold a conversation and need to go back to grade school.

My advice, teach your children YOUR rules of using a cell phone and if you don’t have them, you should.   I will close my tirade with saying Jodi Arias Trial has proven that a cell and its camera should be used with caution.


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One thought on “My Cell phone etiquette rules…

  1. The private conversation thing is so true.

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