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No Talking


Cell phones are a real issue with me.  Yes, I have one.  A pretty one with voice recognition and everything.  I only use it when I’m out of the house or my landline is tied up.  Normally it’s on my bedside table (I use it as an alarm clock) or it’s in my car.  It isn’t tethered to me like oxygen tubing.  When, I wonder, did we all get so important that we have to carry a cell everywhere we go?  Are we all transplant surgeons or something?


So what are my pet peeves . . .


  1.  People who wander the aisles of the grocery store having boisterous conversations who give me a dirty look as I try to maneuver around them.  Either chat or shop.
  2. Cell yellers – It’s a cell phone not a megaphone.  If I’m in a restaurant I don’t want to hear your end of a conversation.  If you must yell into a cell, take it outside!
  3. Teenagers (And I own one) – no texting at the table or when amongst company.  I know you can do it with your eyes closed but the rest of us aren’t blind to your surface attention.
  4. Oh doctor!  Forget the sign that says ‘turn off cellphones’ just let yours ring away until you can work it out of your pants pocket or dig it out of the bottom of your purse.  And then, if it is an important call – GO OUTSIDE.
  5. At a function?  Turn the damned thing off.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been speaking to a group and a cell has chirped to life.  I didn’t prep and show up to be interrupted by your personal business.  And FYI, the last time was a group of mature women.  I actually had to stop speaking she was so loud.


Cell phones can be an important lifeline but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others.  There’s a way to turn off the ringer, perhaps you should use it.  There’s always voicemail.  Again, unless you’re waiting for the call saying they found a kidney, waiting those 10-20 minutes to return a call won’t kill you.   But having to listen to loud, one-sided conversations makes me want to flush your cell down the closest toilet.


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