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Would you like coffee with that conversation?

How to enforce politeness?? As hard as it is to believe, some people were not raised with a mom who had a quick hand and a “Do you want me to give you a reason to cry?” attitude, which shaped a generation.
A generation that knows better than to walk up to a counter to order, say, Starbucks, while still having a loud conversation with someone on the phone about a bad date. Proceed to ignore the person behind the register trying to help you, or even better, tell the person on the phone to hang on for a sec so you can get your coffee so the worker can stop intruding in your private life – then set the phone down, dig through your purse or pockets, acting like the line behind you doesn’t exist, just like the barista, who is magically supposed to read your mind about what you want – then once the money is found, the phone goes back to the ear, the person tosses cash/credit card while demanding their drink/food – usually in a mumble, much quieter than the conversation about the guy/gal the night before, then stalks off in a huff as if the people around them were the ones getting in the way of the all important Conversation.
Okay, so this has happened to me a time or ten, lol.
Or how about you are out with friends/kids, to dinner, sitting at a restaurant, and nobody is talking because they are all on the internet. We are going to lose the ability to have a face to face conversation, but that’s a topic for another day.
Cell phones have become so much more than a means of messaging one person to another – now you can skype, or facetime – which is so great! My brothers and I have been able to catch up, even though we are in completely different parts of the United States. I get to see my niece, who is beyond adorable. I’m going to get my mom set up one of these days, too. My kids got to see my new apartment via facetime and my ipad. Which can now make phone calls, lolol – it’s a crazy time for technology, which seems to drain even more of the limited free time I had. And would I Ieave the house without my cell phone? Yikes, that would be no. I’d be lost. No text? No checking email? What if someone needed me? And there it is – perhaps the cell phone, and the constant availability it demands, makes us feel worthwhile. Needed.
We used to rely on person to person relationships for that, without the intermediary of technology. Repeat after me “It is OKAY to put the cell phone down.” Say it ten times and – hang on. I gotta take this call 🙂

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