2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

What goes around….

I must preface this Bad Editor moment with a few details.  At this point in my career I’d sold over a twenty books and had been writing for two publishers non-stop for several years already.  This was not my first rodeo.  I didn’t need a third publisher at that moment but I was open to writing a contemporary paranormal.  At the time paranormal was just breaking out of its shell.

I didn’t submit anything, this editor called me.  I don’t recall the conversation but I was flattered, and later emailed her a short synopsis.  Then I did some research on her.

This editor, I’ll call her Gi Gi, was very young in comparison to me and the people I’d been working with in the past few years.  She was new to publishing, yet was a buying editor of a major publisher then.  A well respected publisher.

I had never seen her in person.  When I did, I was unimpressed.  She was slovenly dressed, showing skin that shouldn’t be, and I must say, I do recall the body odor.  She offered intimate sexual details of her life to perfect strangers and drank excessively.  All this went on under the impressionable eyes of new writers at a conference.  I wanted to shout this was not acceptable, but my friends sponsored the conference and I’ll always be professional.  I kept my mouth shut.

When I returned home I’d received an email with a brief comments on the synopsis I’d sent. She’d sent it before the conference.  She said it was like a chess game, and that my work ‘pretty much sucked.’  Yes, she used those words.  Really.   How is it remotely respectful, you little twit.  This and Gi Gi’s behavior at a professional conference was just too much.  Its people like this woman who give writing romance a bad name.  I called her boss and in true Marine fashion, I went right to the top.  He was appalled.  Well respected, remember.  Within a week or two, she  no longer works for the publisher.  Not surprising, she’d earned a nasty reputation very quickly.  People heard.  You can thank the word spreading power of internet for that.   Gi Gi’s no longer in the business.

My work is done.

The moral: behave as a professional and or some righteous bitch like me will call you on it.


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