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Agents? Editors? Talk about subjective!

One person’s frozen yogurt is another person’s ice cream. I think the writing business has got to be the most fickle business in the world. They love you, they hate you, they don’t want to buy you because they bought something similar six months ago.
My first agent, bless her heart, loved me as if I was the goddess of writing. Unfortunately, English was her second language and the relationship never translated into a sale. My second agent took me on right after my first sale. He loved me, loved me, love – and then the sale fell through. Good bye love affair.
My third agent I stalked with all of the stealth of a starving lioness eyeing a gazelle. I did my homework, I researched her, and I adored her. I thought we would see the Times list together, drinking champagne and eating those cute little toasts with stuff piled on top.We were so close to a sale, and it flopped. The bloom left my rose, and then she didn’t like my next project. It was time to say goodbye, though I still think of her fondly. My current agent is a go getter. Juggling a million things at one time. We’ve had a small sale together, and I’m waiting for the Big Kahuna. I know he will be great once the stars align and we finally get the go ahead on one of the many projects I’ve got in the fire. The truth is that nobody is going to love your book the way you do, nobody is going to have the passion to sell it, or market it. But unless you have the right agent/editor behind you, chances are, that book you worked so hard on might not see the light of day – in a good light, anyway, lol.
So, how many cliches did I put in this post, anyway? Made me laugh 🙂

Share your editor/agent story! I would love to commiserate

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2 thoughts on “Agents? Editors? Talk about subjective!

  1. Mine told me she was “smitten” after I sent my first 3 chapters. How could I not love that? No sale yet, but working on it.

  2. It will happen Kristin!!!

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