2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Stupid is as stupid does….

No, its not about Forrest Gump.  Our topic is moments with people that make you ask, “Are you really that dense?”

Lately, I’m on a mission to call people on the carpet for not doing their job.  I’m intolerant of attitude when I’m paying the bills.  I was raised to be polite  and always treat you as I want to be treated.

I want a revolution, for congress and senate to be held accountable for their lack of progress.  If I had the cash I’d be outside the senate protesting their plush pampered existence when all is wrong with this country and the citizens are paying the bills.

I’ve had several of these moments in the last couple months.   Some are with medical professionals who keep giving me massive doses of medication when I weigh 125 pounds and have reactions to all meds lately.  I’ve been known to ask, “Can I see your license to practice medicine?”  when I end up in the ER after taking their prescribed medications. This has happened 3 times in the last 6 months.

A recent one….  I was looking for a coffee maker in Wal-Mart.  They had it yet none on the shelves.  I ask an employee to go in the storage for another and she gives me attitude that it’s too much an effort, sulking away to do it.  Angry, I say loudly, don’t bother, it’s obviously too difficult to do your job.”

She snarls, “Do you want it or not?”  I replied, “yes, but I have no problem calling the manager down and pointing out your bad attitude, honey.”   She is now desperate to comply but I’m done.  I look at her name tag and go to the front and report her.  When I get the same attitude from her boss, I kept going up the ladder.  After 30 years with the Marine Corps, I have noooo problem going up the chain of command.   Don’t mess with a writer.  I have no problem writing an article about for the local paper either.

in recent days, the biggest has got to be Jodi Arias and her self-defense claim.  I know I know we’re getting into what I call Insane TV.  (Do I have to mention Casey Anthony, really?)  I swore after the Anthony trial I wasn’t going to pay a moment’s attention to that trial but when I saw the autopsy and crime scene photos, even an extreme lay person (Me) could figure out what happened.  The evidence speaks loudly to the “are you really that stupid?” moment?

Jodi Arias claiming she shot first when the evidence says without a doubt that he was shot after he was dead or near death.  That did it for me, I’m might be listening to her bullshit, but I followed the evidence and concluded guilty. What I don’t understand is why she can say horrible things about the victim, but where are the people who describe HER character?

Or do we all really know in our soul she is an evil skank who killed Travis Alexander?  God I wish I was one of those jurors.


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