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Happy Wednesday, everyone – it’s been a while since I’ve been here but now I am back, relocated in a new town and starting a new life. The topic under discussion is how the ebook revolution has changed my writing, and I can’t say that it did. In order to make money in the self pub e book world, you have to write a lot of books, preferably fast. I already worked on a four to five to six book a year pace so for me it hasn’t changed.
However, I am not spending the time needed in marketing like I should be so that is a detriment.I think ebooks can follow trends faster, which readers will like. I think ebooks are taking away the New York Publishing fist deciding what readers can be fed. New York is just now catching on, but they have, so look out for even more fabulous opportunities.
I can’t stress enough to the need, if self pubbing, to hire an editor, an experienced book cover designer, and some beta readers. In this flooded market, readers have a ton of choices. They aren’t going to go back to a book that was sub par.
Unfortunately, I’m not referring to grammar so much as characterization and story. Write the best one you can, and dive on in!


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