2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

And the Oscar goes to…

I can’t give an accurate prediction simply because I haven’t seen the movies.

So.. cross my palm with silver, booblishkah, and I will give my predictions.

Best picture—Agro.  I love Ben Affleck and his movies.  Also I’m pissed at the Oscars for not nominating him for Best Director.

Best Actor—Daniel Day Lewis or Hugh Jackman will get it, but I feel Bradley Cooper deserves it.  Silver linings playbook hasn’t been done 20 times in film already.   I could die happy without another remake of Les Miz….

Best Actress—Jennifer Lawrence.  I want her to win simply because she’s down to earth and adorable.  But I’m betting that French actress Emanuelle, who has never won or been nominated in her 50 year career will get it for those reasons alone.

Best supporting actress—I’d love to see Sally Field win.  Yes! We still like you!

Best supporting actor—Alan Arkin.

Best Director— Spielberg  for Lincoln


Now blog readers….if you’re out there–what are your predictions?

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