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The electronics of publishing

I see opportunity. Opportunity for a writer to regain control over the life of their work. The LIfe, not the advance, royalty or cover.  The rule is, you want the publisher to have the rights to publish even after the first year. let them do the work and keeping work under contract for the royalty.  when it stops coming, get the rights back and go electronic.

Let me remind you that most of the seasoned authors have covered this in contracts, before an e book existed.  A future of publishing clause was in my second contract and that was in 1994. how to create your own in format is new to writers, not the electronic book. Literary agent, Richard Curtis started his own company in ’94 and everyone thought he was nuts and wasting his time. HA

on the flip side, the publisher makes the most money because they have edited, packaged and printed it. but without the overhead of that with electronic, my feeling is the authors should have the highest percentage and the publisher, a standard rate.  that’s only with electronic. I personally do not want to format and final edit, nor travel the road or the web promoting my book. It just isn’t in me to do that.  I would have had better sales if I had, but in my mind, once the publisher accepts the final draft and pays me the rest of my advance, we’re done. It’s now their book to sell.  I’m already onto the next book by the time the last one comes out.

That’s how I used to work and I’m clawing my way back, but if I write it and turn in a polished-doesn’t-need-to-be-revised manuscript that goes directly to electronic all bets are off and I better get most of the money.  I did all the work.  Tapping a few keys to change the format doesn’t get 75% of my ging wah.  

So, when faced with publishers who refuse to give the author her/his rights and royalty, we now can do it ourselves and that puts us in a better position to negotiate.  For most that’s the agents job. It’s been my job for the last 10 years.  

Any new agent will have to give up some of that 15% because I’ve done that job. 





Writing style

Happy Wednesday, everyone – it’s been a while since I’ve been here but now I am back, relocated in a new town and starting a new life. The topic under discussion is how the ebook revolution has changed my writing, and I can’t say that it did. In order to make money in the self pub e book world, you have to write a lot of books, preferably fast. I already worked on a four to five to six book a year pace so for me it hasn’t changed.
However, I am not spending the time needed in marketing like I should be so that is a detriment.I think ebooks can follow trends faster, which readers will like. I think ebooks are taking away the New York Publishing fist deciding what readers can be fed. New York is just now catching on, but they have, so look out for even more fabulous opportunities.
I can’t stress enough to the need, if self pubbing, to hire an editor, an experienced book cover designer, and some beta readers. In this flooded market, readers have a ton of choices. They aren’t going to go back to a book that was sub par.
Unfortunately, I’m not referring to grammar so much as characterization and story. Write the best one you can, and dive on in!


And the Oscar goes to…

I can’t give an accurate prediction simply because I haven’t seen the movies.

So.. cross my palm with silver, booblishkah, and I will give my predictions.

Best picture—Agro.  I love Ben Affleck and his movies.  Also I’m pissed at the Oscars for not nominating him for Best Director.

Best Actor—Daniel Day Lewis or Hugh Jackman will get it, but I feel Bradley Cooper deserves it.  Silver linings playbook hasn’t been done 20 times in film already.   I could die happy without another remake of Les Miz….

Best Actress—Jennifer Lawrence.  I want her to win simply because she’s down to earth and adorable.  But I’m betting that French actress Emanuelle, who has never won or been nominated in her 50 year career will get it for those reasons alone.

Best supporting actress—I’d love to see Sally Field win.  Yes! We still like you!

Best supporting actor—Alan Arkin.

Best Director— Spielberg  for Lincoln


Now blog readers….if you’re out there–what are your predictions?

What I didn’t like about 2012…

My attitude. My laziness. My lack of progress with a book I’ve been intermittently staring at for nearly 2 years?!!
Okay, so I’m mad at myself.
I built a writing career on writing at least two books a year. I haven’t finished a book in two years.
Big change, huh? I’ve slacked so much trying to ‘find my new direction’ (a poor excuse) that I forgot where that career came from. Really.

I hate every bleeding second of this. It’s always riding my spine, and my brain.
I own it.
I put myself in this place. After writing thirty seven books non-stop for 20 years I wanted a break. I was burned out. Brain scorched.
Yet said break was simply too long and I walked too far away. It’s coming back. Mostly due to the fact that I’m not entrenched in that wonderful time called menopause and the drugs male doctors throw at you like it’s candy. Honestly, a valium would have done the trick.
Digging out of it isn’t easy. Especially when I’m uninspired.
Then the confidence wanes and my knee jerk is start reading a lot of how-to books. That’s my confidence needing a boost and the how-to books remind me that yes, I am a writer and I have the skills. It’s a stall tactic on my part.
Because the books lined up on a shelf weren’t enough of a clue.
I get it. I still don’t like it but I get it.
And the story I can’t seem to finish…? I’m revising so I will love it again.

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