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Bourne Again

What was my fave movie of 2012?


Okay, so I was skeptical.  A Bourne film without Bourne?  Well that’s going to suck.  Who is Jeremy Renner?  Didn’t we end the Bourne trilogy with Pam Landy about to tell all to the powers that be?  Yep, this had sucks written all over it.


However, one afternoon my hubby and I were at the theater and the Bourne Legacy was the next convenient show.  With a tad of trepidation and a bucket of popcorn with high butter substitute and enough sodium for two days, in we went to see the show.


It was a lunchtime showing (hence the need for the bucket of popcorn) so there were maybe ten of us in the theater.  Not a good sign.  I live in what I will politely call an elderly county in Florida and daytime movies are a really popular.  So being there with my ten friends did not bode well.


Coming attractions blared from the screen, the volume rattling my teeth.  Why do they have to make trailers so blasted loud?  Lots of horror movies.  Hate them, couldn’t drag me to one.


I was in love with Aaron Cross before he managed to climb, crawl and cunningly work his way through the Alaskan wilderness.  The location shots are impressive, so if you rent this, go Hi-Def.  Seeing it in the theater was worth the price of admission.  It has a plot, a purpose and the timing I so loved in the original Bourne movies lives on in the film.


That’s why The Bourne Legacy has made me a believer in sequels.  Matt who?

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