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My Bucket List


Don’t have one and never really thought on it long enough to get weird about it.

But if forced– top on this list would be to visit Ireland and India.   Ireland, for the simple fact I’ve written a half dozen books set there and have never seen it.   I’d like to match up the places I created from research to the real thing.  And for once, stand in a spot I’d had a character stand.  That would be just surreal.  Of course, spending a night in a castle or manor would add to the mystic of the land.

As to India, I’ve always wanted to visit.  I’m talking for 25 years at least. I don’t know what draws me but I want to learn more and being there would, in this writer’s opinion, do it.  But the need is not so pressing and that could be because the reality of it is slipping away.

I’m not a writer who feels I must take a research trip to write a book. Mostly because I was never paid enough to do that and I’m far too practical.   My advances went to pay bills and help buy our house, so giving up thousands for a trip for a book just wasn’t in the cards.  I could always find something we needed as a family as opposed to what I needed as a writer.  And let me say right here, no writer needs a research trip.  I’ve never been to Ireland but have written about the land and customs.  (Ask me anything about the1169 Invasion) I received a letter from a young woman who was from Donegal and she praised me for bringing her part of Ireland to life so well it made her homesick.  That was one of the greatest compliments I’ve received.  Job done.

I have things I’d like to do but not Bucket worthy.   At this moment, it’s to write a great book.  Not just a good one, but one that evokes controversy, new thoughts, debates… a memorable book.

With that in mind, I’m off to write it.


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