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Goodbye is the hardest word

orange beach ocean side2012…Holy Moly. I thought it would be a year of things taking off and soaring. I’m not sure what happened, but it felt more like hanging on to the edge of a drop off by my fingertips.
And yet. I am ending the year with wonderful friends, old and new, with my family safe and my writing still making rounds in New York. I’ve started my own little writing company, Kendelle Press. I have a game plan, and my familiar list of goals. I worked really hard this year, and I got a lot done, but it didn’t feel like enough.
When I look at all the stuff I crossed off as accomplished, I did what I could.
Next year.
Will my expectations change for next year? Not really. I must manage my time better, expecially since I am planning on four different conferences in addition to the scheduled books 🙂 I’ve decided to play Super Woman, invest in a gold lame belt with super powers, and reach for the stars.
And an invisible plane would be really, really cool!
What’s on your agenda for the rest of the year?

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