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The end


So this is it for me in 2012.  Even babes have to prep for Christmas so after this week we’ll be silent for a couple of weeks.

I’m a huge believer in coals, long and short term.  However, they have to be under my control, doable and realistic.  Saying I want to write two manuscripts this year is a good goal.  I can control it; I know my writing speed so it’s doable and realistic.  Saying I want to write a New York Times bestseller is a bad goal.  It’s based on orders and you can’t control how many copies of your book are printed.  That goes for all accolades.  Think of them as lightning strikes and not part of the norm.

Here’s a great way to incorporate goals into your world.  First, see above.  Second, write them down and place them somewhere in your line of vision.  Make long term (3-5 years) and short-term (1 year or less) goals.  Create almost a contract with yourself.  One of my goals for 2012 was to try to break into a new market by writing at least three proposals.  Since I can’t control editors, all I could do was make myself work toward what might get me in front of editors.  (Notice I didn’t say sell).  Another of my goals was to try a different (for me) genre.  Not only did I find out I loved it (Sorry Babe Amy who is kind enough to proof for me but hates gore a goo), I also found out I can carry it off.

My long-term goal is almost always the same – network more.  Unfortunately I live in the middle of  chapters so my choices are to spend an hour driving 3 hours back and forth from STAR getting in well after midnight or getting up at 5AM to dress and shower and drive 3 hours to make an FRW breakfast meeting.  Yahoo hates me so I’m pretty bad at loops, too.  But again it will go on my goals list.  Just because you didn’t make it one year doesn’t mean you can’t keep reaching.

Happy Holidays!

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