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Are you THAT star??

No, I don’t think I resemble any TV or movie star.  However, after returning to the US of A after six years on Okinawa on a flight in California, I was wearing a beautiful fur coat my husband had given me.  I didn’t trust it to be packed and shipped, so I had little choice. (Let’s not get into a fur coat in the tropics. I won’t wear it unless the temps drop below 40) In the airport, rushing ahead to get a luggage cart, people started pointing and some followed me. I grab the cart and am heading back to my young family when three people rushed forward, asking if I was Sigourney Weaver.  Really, I thought.  She’s six feet tall.  I’m five three and that’s pushing it.  She’s an Amazon; I’m short and slightly dumpy.  Granted I was wearing heels that made me appear taller, but I wanted to ask if they’d seen a photo of the star lately.  They didn’t see the two little boys with me?  Or my US Marine husband in uniform?

It occurred a couple more times, once on the street and another in a restaurant.  The only similarity I could see was the red hair, maybe the face shape and perhaps that I was wearing that Norwegian blue fox fur and looking a bit more glamorous that the average mom who’d just spent 13 hours on a jet with two antsy boys. Tourists want to see the stars and made me fit the bill.  And they stretch that fantasy to include me.  Still amuses the heck out of me.  By the way, my husband was clueless as who they meant until I mentioned the Alien movies.  Then he just laughed.


Merry Christmas, y’all Amy

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