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Goodbye is the hardest word

orange beach ocean side2012…Holy Moly. I thought it would be a year of things taking off and soaring. I’m not sure what happened, but it felt more like hanging on to the edge of a drop off by my fingertips.
And yet. I am ending the year with wonderful friends, old and new, with my family safe and my writing still making rounds in New York. I’ve started my own little writing company, Kendelle Press. I have a game plan, and my familiar list of goals. I worked really hard this year, and I got a lot done, but it didn’t feel like enough.
When I look at all the stuff I crossed off as accomplished, I did what I could.
Next year.
Will my expectations change for next year? Not really. I must manage my time better, expecially since I am planning on four different conferences in addition to the scheduled books 🙂 I’ve decided to play Super Woman, invest in a gold lame belt with super powers, and reach for the stars.
And an invisible plane would be really, really cool!
What’s on your agenda for the rest of the year?

The end


So this is it for me in 2012.  Even babes have to prep for Christmas so after this week we’ll be silent for a couple of weeks.

I’m a huge believer in coals, long and short term.  However, they have to be under my control, doable and realistic.  Saying I want to write two manuscripts this year is a good goal.  I can control it; I know my writing speed so it’s doable and realistic.  Saying I want to write a New York Times bestseller is a bad goal.  It’s based on orders and you can’t control how many copies of your book are printed.  That goes for all accolades.  Think of them as lightning strikes and not part of the norm.

Here’s a great way to incorporate goals into your world.  First, see above.  Second, write them down and place them somewhere in your line of vision.  Make long term (3-5 years) and short-term (1 year or less) goals.  Create almost a contract with yourself.  One of my goals for 2012 was to try to break into a new market by writing at least three proposals.  Since I can’t control editors, all I could do was make myself work toward what might get me in front of editors.  (Notice I didn’t say sell).  Another of my goals was to try a different (for me) genre.  Not only did I find out I loved it (Sorry Babe Amy who is kind enough to proof for me but hates gore a goo), I also found out I can carry it off.

My long-term goal is almost always the same – network more.  Unfortunately I live in the middle of  chapters so my choices are to spend an hour driving 3 hours back and forth from STAR getting in well after midnight or getting up at 5AM to dress and shower and drive 3 hours to make an FRW breakfast meeting.  Yahoo hates me so I’m pretty bad at loops, too.  But again it will go on my goals list.  Just because you didn’t make it one year doesn’t mean you can’t keep reaching.

Happy Holidays!

Are you THAT star??

No, I don’t think I resemble any TV or movie star.  However, after returning to the US of A after six years on Okinawa on a flight in California, I was wearing a beautiful fur coat my husband had given me.  I didn’t trust it to be packed and shipped, so I had little choice. (Let’s not get into a fur coat in the tropics. I won’t wear it unless the temps drop below 40) In the airport, rushing ahead to get a luggage cart, people started pointing and some followed me. I grab the cart and am heading back to my young family when three people rushed forward, asking if I was Sigourney Weaver.  Really, I thought.  She’s six feet tall.  I’m five three and that’s pushing it.  She’s an Amazon; I’m short and slightly dumpy.  Granted I was wearing heels that made me appear taller, but I wanted to ask if they’d seen a photo of the star lately.  They didn’t see the two little boys with me?  Or my US Marine husband in uniform?

It occurred a couple more times, once on the street and another in a restaurant.  The only similarity I could see was the red hair, maybe the face shape and perhaps that I was wearing that Norwegian blue fox fur and looking a bit more glamorous that the average mom who’d just spent 13 hours on a jet with two antsy boys. Tourists want to see the stars and made me fit the bill.  And they stretch that fantasy to include me.  Still amuses the heck out of me.  By the way, my husband was clueless as who they meant until I mentioned the Alien movies.  Then he just laughed.


Merry Christmas, y’all Amy

Happy Holidays!

I love the holiday season. People seem kinder, willing to spread holiday cheer. COuld be I have a lot to be grateful for this year – Destini just graduated boot camp and is now a United States Navy Sailor/AIrman. Brighton has declared a major – Terrestrial Biology. I have finished mulitple books this year, and Greg and I are in a good place. 2012 has been such a mixed bag, but I am ending the year on a note of postive 🙂
I’m ready for 2013! I will post goals later. Right now I’m preparing for Heather Graham’s NOLA conference -networking, and plotting. What’s going on in your world??
Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished for 2012?

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