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who are you again?

Definitely read Babe Rhonda’s post on this! She is, as usual, much more prepared and detailed. She’s also talking about a cool program I want to try call Write Way Pro.
The character sheets transfer over to the next book, and since I write series, that is huge. I forget already, from book to book, heck, chapter to chapter!
I have a hard time remembering my own name, let alone my characters 🙂
So, hints to make a character come to life? Tiny idiosycrasies than make them unique, like you and I are unique. When I get stressed, I read the Enquirer, or Star magazines. I dive into the Kardashians rather than be upset. My husband has the best hair in the internet – it’s a thing. What can your character do/have that is original? Does your character have an allergy to strawberriies? What does that mean for her in the book? Is the hero a doctor, or an allergist? Just thinking about these two starts the idea of a story.
Make it personal, and remember to include, with a light hand, the little things.


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