2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Come on in!

I’m taking Amy’s day today! She was without power, so since I forgot on my day, I’m filling in here.
We are talking interuptions this week – I have to share that for the most part, I write when nobody else is at home, or during football games when nobody is paying attention to me anyway, lol. When my family is home, they want (usually) my attention. They can get snippy when I’ve been on deadline for book after book, so I try and balance my time better.
However, when I am on a serious deadline they all know that a closed door means no interuptions, unless you are bringing me food/drink, in which case, come on in, lol.
Now, when I am in procrastination mode, I am my own worst enemy. I will suddenly find facebook interesting instead of annoying, or decide that reading through all the marketing tips from the last month is a good idea. If I manage to leave my chair, then I could be cleaning anything from closets to kitty litter.
Exercise is another thing that interupts my writing day. No laughing, cause it’s true, hahahaha. I haven’t figured out how to fit work, exercise, writing and family time all in the same day with any degree of productivity.
That said, it’s time for me to watch my one hour of television before bed. Tomorrow is another day!

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