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Ghosts and Woo woo stuff. Are you a believer?

Paranormal?  Ghosts?  Are you a believer?  Or feel its total BS?

Yup. I believe.  But then, I’ve experienced the unexplainable.  If you haven’t, then skepticism isn’t a surprise.  I’m cool with that.  I don’t need you see my side.  My experience over 35 years ago is still very clear in my mind.  So much that I turned the events of that strange night into a time travel novella for an anthology. Back then, my friends and I went Ghost Busting long before the movie or TV shows.  Beaufort teems with stories.  There is a Ghost tour tonight, in fact.

The nature of writers is to question, pick it apart and beyond envisioning a story in a fractured detail, I’m more interested in other people’s experiences and their perceptions.  I just like hearing the stories.  Do I believe all those shows on TV?  Oh hell no.  Some are tastefully done, yet most (trying to catch on video) are laughable.   I view all television with a philosophy that “Every moment on TV is a lie.’  It’s all got some spin on it.  The only factor swaying me is my experiences years ago.

So, what’s your theory?


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