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Happy Halloween!!!

So much news, so many prizes!First of all, Happy Halloween. We celebrated by watching scary movies – the classics, like Freddy vs Jason. and Evil Dead, Army of Darkness. I totally believe in ghosts and things that go bump in the night. That does not mean I’ve ever seen or heard a ghost – I am not sure I would want to, lol
What has me believing is the medium I spoke with after my father, sister and uncle passed away. She shared things with me that nobody knew but me. However, that same woman wasn’t so great at predicting the future. I think different psychics have different strengths, just like we all have things we are good at or not so good.
Cheesy horror movies and Stephen King are my faves. I like the possiblilty of what if…
On to the prizes!
Head over to and play a simple game with the Florida Romance Writers for a huge grand prize and individual author prizes.
Next, if you are in the Delray Beach area tonight at seven, well, I along with fellow authors Kathleen Pickering and Carol Stephenson, Marcia King Gamble to name a very few will be at Murder on the Beach bookstore, signing books and drinking wine. Come play with us!!

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