2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Happy Wednesday fellow bloggers – maybe this time the post will stay put!

Shopping. Hmm. I don’t like shopping, actually, unless I am specifically looking for something. I rarely like window shopping, unless it is at Anthropology. Destini and I joke all the time that we will know I’ve made it as a successful author when I can walk in there and buy whatever I want, whether it’s on sale or not, lol

Red Envelope is a terrific website, and the gifts arrive beautifully wrapped in red boxes so the recipient is pleased no matter what is inside! Affordable gifts, and a wide variety, make it a plus too.

Amazon. Free shipping, lots of choices, and I can be done shopping in under ten minutes.

Shoes. So this is something I do like…I love boots, sandals, heels – buckles and bling – bring it on!

Bookstores are relaxing places to browse, and I never leave empty handed.

So heres my question – are you pro early Christmas shopping, or are you one of the brave few to take on the Christmas crowds?


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