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Electronic books, my opinion.

This opinion comes from  20 years of being published and staying published in print.

An electronic book delivered to your computer or E-reader is a FORMAT.  It’s no different in its content than a book delivered in print.  Note my word use.  E book is a format. NOT a new type of book.  Some of my books are available for E format, some not.  Print publishers think the same way.  Check out anything on the subject by Jen Enderlin, publisher of St Martin’s Press.   Anyone can upload a file.  It does NOT make you an instant writer.

The Author’s Guild & Mystery Writers of America don’t allow self published to be members and in both instances, you have to prove it by submitting two books for a membership.  (Or a copy of the contract pages, I can’t recall)

You are not published unless you have sold the work to a publisher who pays you an advance and then edits and prints it.  (or E formats it)  I wonder how so many miss this detail. It is the definition of a published writer.  I have never laid out one penny to see my books in print.  Not one.

A financial investment of any kind from you makes it Vanity press. I didn’t make the definition, or the standard.  Previously in RWA, that was a huge no-no.  Now, anyone can publish what resembles a book and call themselves a writer.  To me, after the hard work it took to get published, is insulting.  It’s also the reason I did not renew my RWA membership after 22 years.

Electronic books are a format.  Imo, there is no real question. You were either paid for your words or not.


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