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The plight of covers…

Now let me say first that if you are not a USA today or an NYT bestseller, you get what you get. I have had very little say-so in covers over the years. For Harlequin, none. No input yet all authors have to give scene descriptions so they can make a cover.  You see how that works, ey?

I recall, when my editor Kate Duffy asked about covers, I mentioned I hated Teal and pink. I’m writing action adventure, it needs dark and mysterious.  Other than Naked truth, a cover I loved, I had three more with pink, teal and blue.  I was not happy.  A high action thriller with a pink cover??  If I were writing Palm Beach fiction (hi Rhon) that would be great.  I disliked a couple covers because I recognized the H&H pose from old historical novels.

Now, a cover I loved was Naked Truth.  It did the job without leading the reader down a different path.  The color wash over them was the first, and as Kate predicted, many publishers copied it.  She knew it would happen and asked that I not put the cover on my web site until the release date.  I obeyed, yet within months. There were thousands with the same look.  So if you see a cover with a color wash over it, mine was number one.

When it came to my historicals, the only one I truly loathed was The Irish Enchantress and that’s because the colors were completely off. It looked like a bad bruise, imo.  But the Irish Princess cover was as if someone jumped in my brain and repeated it in ink. So when you get a cover, ask yourself if you can live with it.  As a writer published in print, and low on the totem pole, I had very little input and often, just lived with it.

So….any other cover nightmares out there?


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