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A ‘must have’ besides my computer?

I have a few…

Internet access.  How else can I communicate to my friends? I’ve lived all over the world and that’s where my friends are. None here since…well… Marines deploy and change duty station. Besides, I’m old, most people I know are retired. (Generals included!)

My tweezers.  Stupid, I know, but I use them more than I ever thought. It’s a distraction but at least a productive one.  I never have to have eye brow wax.  Again. (as a kid, I had a unibrow, it’s the Sicilian in me)

My books.  Not the ones I’ve written, but my research books.  Writers get ideas in the strangest places. I used to have more ideas the moments to write.  Maturity, tons more skill and yes, age has mellowed that to not every idea should be a story.  Even now I’ll look back through my idea file and what I thought was a book idea was really just an opening, or interesting twist.  Like my colleagues, we know what will work with just a few mental questions so when someone says, “I’ve got an idea for a book,” (ahh, hello?  We don’t need them) what you have is a piece of a story.

Another Must Have…

COFFEE!  Do I need to say it again?  I used to drink it black, with the Marines.  That stopped when flavored creamers came out.  But it was the moment I tasted the best cup of coffee in my life to date that I understood how should taste.  (Jamaican coffee in Japan) Nothing like the Hard Corps Tar of USMC.  I learned how to make a good pot and I like mine just so, but in a pinch, any cup will do.  I don’t drink Starbucks unless I’m in a store, but Seattle’s Best and my favorite since 1988, Gevalia.  Guatemalan Antigua to be precise.  When I can find it.  Gevalia buys small crops that have been rotated with sugar cane fields and other sweet or fruity crops. It changes the flavor of the coffee.  I didn’t believe it either and I’ve tried a lot.  I had it shipped to me when we lived in Okinawa.

While I love different roasts and blends, I stay away from French Roast, tastes burnt.  I don’t care for flavored coffees and or creamers.  Except on occasion chocolate.

It’s like my cappuccino. I want the real thing, not a frapped up, caramelized foo foo with whipped cream.  Just an espresso or and cappuccino. Not a latte.  If I wanted milk, I’d drink it. Decaf does not do it for me, at all. Even in coffee, so if someone knows a good tasting decaf. I’m game, send me the name.

So what can you NOT live without?

Have a great day.


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One thought on “A ‘must have’ besides my computer?

  1. Latoya on said:

    Hello Amy!

    It’s been a while since I stopped by. How are you?

    It’s been a year and a half since my daughter’s death. I grieve every day but it’s different. When it hits, it still feels unbearable, but I now know that it will pass – I will have seconds, minutes, hours when everything feels okay. I’m a work in progress. I’ve discovered a strength and a purpose in me that I didn’t believe existed. Maybe didn’t care at one point.

    My boys are getting older – now 7 and 9. They were both diagnosed with Autism, and we’re all learning to adjust.

    My husband and I separated. We’re actually working on a divorce agreement now. Things were bad, but we went back to the basics and I think we’ll be okay … eventually.

    I think about you a lot. I hope that things are going well for you and your family.

    Take Care

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