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Anchors Away!

So. My daughter is in boot camp. 21, with her Associates degree, she made a decision that controls the next four years of her life. Des is not a commitment kind of girl, really, so her dad and I were surprised at her choice. When she explained she was also looking into the peace corp, I cheered extra loud at her commitment to the Navy instead. I am all for volunteering and doing Good Works – but those countries are dangerous, and I would prefer Des find danger with the military at her back. Medical, dental, and if all goes well, she’ll learn to pick up her shoes.

She’s something of a fashionista, our daughter. Studies the latest trends, dresses with flair and confidence. I admit to a tiny concern when it comes to the plain white skivvies, or the unadorned blue camo. Is it defendable to tell your commanding officer that she just wants to spruce things up a little? Glitter, crystals, mustard yellow tights? And lets explore the topic of shoes.Her closet is an ode to shoe lovers everywhere – low heels, high heels, boots, ballet flats, blinged out, plaid – she loves them all, and now they wait, dejected, while she does push ups, arm curls and swims laps.

I mentioned she doesn’t put them away, right? It became one of those tug of wars between practically adult children and their parents. Yelling and shouting over where shoes, no matter how darling, belong. Dad threatening to throw them away, Daughter shrugging a shoulder as she dances out the door.

Just so we wouldn’t miss her too much, she’s hidden pairs of her shoes all over our house. Orange converse behind the couch, yellow flats beneath the mirror. Vans on top of the movies, and running shoes by the front door. White slip ons outside by the table. Cute plaid tie ups in our bathroom. I can’t bring myself to put them all away. Not just yet.

Greg and I looked at each other yesterday after watching her salute the flag as Sailor Hall. I blinked away lots of tears as we left, crying through the parking lot. Then we high-fived in the car. We have raised two babies through adulthood, and we could not be more proud. Now we just need to learn the anthem so when we see her at graduation, we don’t slip into the Air Force song – which is what her Air Force father’s family all thought a better choice. As usual, she made the one that was right for her.

Anchors Away, Des –


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3 thoughts on “Anchors Away!

  1. Awww, congrats Traci and hugs on Des leaving the nest. She made a wise choice. As for the countries she’d see volunteering… yup. It’s wonderful to help the less fortunate while you are seeing the world, but some of the stuff I’ve seen, well, you know. No words needed. Wishing her the best of luck!

  2. Traci – such an emotional time for you all! You’re all so proud of her and rightfully, concerned too. She’s a great girl, you and Greg gave her strength and courage, and she knows she’s deeply loved. We wish you happiness and success Des – make your parents extra proud!

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