2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

An ideal day?

Apparently I was doing that to forget to post.

So…ideal day or how to relax?

My Dad says my mom can’t relax because her ‘apron’ is always on. It’s tough to relax in your own house when there is always something to be done.  Well let me rephrase that; a woman can’t relax completely in her own house. Why?  Women go from Point A to Point B and see all the things that are wrong or undone in between.  Men go from A to B in a straight line, physically and mentally.  I know men.  As a Marine’s wife I’ve been around predominately men all my life.  If it isn’t interfering with their day, their moment of whatever, it doesn’t penetrate their brains.My mother needs to be away from her house to relax.

Not me.

My perfect (writer) day is writing a few thousand words of a story I want you to read.  That’s it.  Now, throw in some terrific Gevalia coffee and ending the day with a book someone else has written and I’m golden. Good.  Happy, in the shiznit place of delight.

So besides sleeping late and staying in my jammies, what’s an ideal day?  Takeout food and my family.  The take out is for me.  No cooking.  That means not even thinking about it. Check that off the list.  But I’m flexible.  It’s all about the mental freedom.  You have to give yourself permission to ignore the world and focus on your own wants and needs.  (I do) That goes for men and women. My husband works very hard and will drop anything to help another, but lately hasn’t done for himself.   I have to push him, for example, to go fishing.  Yet when he does, he returns so relaxed. I feel a little guilty when I am pampering only myself.

I’m learning to get over it.

I admit that I don’t relax well.  I’m wound up a little too tight.  Always have been.  You’d think I’d get more done in a day, but I don’t.  I get distracted very easily and lately, my willpower took a walk.  But when I’m really stressed, my solution is to surround myself with white light (imagination at work here people) and let it encompass me, and push out anything negative.  I know, a little heebee jeebee woo-woo but stress is all in the mind, so why not start there?


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