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How do you spell R-E-L-A-X?

Sometimes, especially if you work from home, the line blurs between working and relaxing.  There is no time clock, so the days can be long (or short – shame on you).  No boss keeping track of your time and one eye always on meeting that next deadline.

I’m very guilty when it comes to my time management.  I enjoy working in large chunks of time.  Bursts if you will.  I’ve been known to work for 30 hours or so before I collapse in a puddle.  But that works for me.

The only times I actually do the relaxation thing is 1- on vacation and 2-days of jubilee.  By vacation I don’t mean the trips I take with my family.  Those are vacations with a lowercase v.  I’m talking a selfish vacation all by myself.  Be it a trip to see a friend or a cruise around the Caribbean, the time is mine to do with what I please.  As for days of jubilee . . .

Every single time I finish a project I take several days and do nothing.  I mean stay in my PJs like a root veggie.  I turn on the TV and start zoning out to some of my favorite shows.  My taste is very eclectic.  I’ll have various episodes of Chopped mixed in with Counting Cars and Antiques Roadshow.  Thank God for DVRs.

Once I have my fix of TV, I turn to reading.  I don’t read while I’m working so I save up a stash of TBRs.  When I read for pleasure and relaxation, I read true crime, preferably with pictures.  Every now and again I read fiction, but normally it will be something recommended, or it could be something burning up the charts that has me curious.

So how do you refuel?

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One thought on “How do you spell R-E-L-A-X?

  1. I’m more or less the same, though my tastes may be different. I like to watch sitcoms and comedies. Nothing makes me feel better than those two. And when I turn to reading, I don’t have a specific genre, but I do alternate between serious reads and light reads. =]

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