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Do You Get Vibes?

Do you get Vibes?  I’m talking feeling that ripples through you and you KNOW something is wrong.  I had that last night.

I was in my office, watching to TV and a wave of pinpricks slips down my body.  I recognize the feeling.  Sheer panic.  Something is very wrong.  Now I’m not one to have anxiety attacks so my first reaction is to go hunting for the reason.

Five minutes later, I get a call from my mom, my father is in the hospital with chest pains.  I thought, Don’t ignore that vibe again.  Dad is doing fine, resting and better.  He’s in his 80’s so surgery for anything is a big deal and luckily, that didn’t happen.

So, I’m back in my office, because the TV is so loud where ever my husband is, I can’t take it.  Once again, that feeling slides over me.  I smell something chemical, like burning rubber.  I go searching and I can’t find my husband.  And I’m looking everywhere.  No sign of Bob. I’m calling louder by now and get my youngest to start the search.  The CSI moment was when his smokes and cocktail were still in the kitchen and his dinner, freshly served, was getting cold.  Big panic. My husband is nearly 60 with high blood pressure. I’m running around our 2 acres with a flashlight in the dark, calling.  I see the dog, and he’s happy, and I’m still screaming for Bob.

No response.

Out in the back yard on the pool deck–still no response.  Panic is high. I’m imagining him on the ground, dead.  Yes, that’s the extreme but I’m a writer, my imagination does not sleep.  At a last ditch before calling the police… I turn on our deck lights.  There is Bob asleep in a beach recliner chair in the FAR end of the yard, a spot he never goes.  Panic doesn’t dissolve, it turns into sheer relief.  The tears come and swiftly escalate to sobs.  He’s alive and fine.  He walks over and realizes how upset I am and his arms go around me.  I really lose it.  Then as the sobs subside, I hit him, angry that he didn’t answer me.  For about three minutes I hated him for scaring me and almost pushed him into the pool!

So that’s a vibe that didn’t end in anything bad, but I know that without Bob, I’d want to join him.

Oh—and that chemical smell?  He was using WD 40 on the yard chair and then tested it out.  The test turned into a nap that nearly destroyed me.  Any wonder I want to beat on him now?

So, I ask, do you get Vibes, a signal of something?  How do you handle it?


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