2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Never surrender!

Unlike my fellow Babes, I have kept projects around for years. In my defense, I write different genres and for different publishing houses, and now my own self pub imprint. I write quickly, and relatively cleanly. I am no First Draft wonder, by any means.

I have learned about revising this year. I don’t like it <g> I have taken two stories written many years ago – Crimson Gold, five years, DD Valentine, three years, and turned them into different stories completely. It would have been easier and less stressful to rewrite the premise from scratch. 

I’ve learned also that I am stubborn, focused, and like a bulldog with a bone when it comes to making something work. Square hole, round peg. Give me a freaking hammer, and be done with it, lolololo. Not necessarily good traits, but there we are.

I have six partial manuscripts – story ideas that I haven’t had time to finish. I know they are there, and when I have time or they will fit in my schedule, I would like to get them done.  keep the content current, and voila.

Patience is not usually something I am graced with. But when it comes to eventually completing a project, I tend to work through until it is done. And done right.


Tally ho!


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