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Dragon Con – in a nutshell

This is the first time I’ve ever been to Dragon Con – 55,000 people- six hotels, with two runovers in addition.  Sherrilyn Kenyon has the corner on merchandising with her fabulous novels and Goth Barbies. C I Wilson, NYT author, and artist Heather Carr made a great impression from their double booth. We have love for the winged cat in common!

Wonderful agents Lucienne Diver and Dierdre Knight were in attendance, along with some small publishing houses, and an indy bookstore. There were writer tracks offered, and I met Nancy Holder and David Coe (among others!) There were bands – I fell in love with CruxShadow. We saw Peter Pepper, and a steam bunk band called the Extraordinary Contraptions. I danced with Kathleen Pickering and Shannon Aviles, and unicorns at a drum circle. There were t shirt shops and dice bins. Gamers, jewelry, decorative swords, anime, cartoon drawings to paintings, and the hall of fame. All kinds of celebrities were there to meet their public. First and foremost, Dragon Con is about fans. Costumes ran the gamut from a political statement to dressing up as your favorite Furry.

Piks and I were there to sell our latest novels, and meet readers. We did, and were touched by quite a few of them. People are amazing, whether dressed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Pirate (Moo!) or not dressed up at all – Miranda, Chelsea, Sydney – the experience was so terrific that we signed up already to do it again.Image


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3 thoughts on “Dragon Con – in a nutshell

  1. I imagine that must have been an overwhelming con with so many people. How did you sell your books…at an exhibitor’s booth, with a bookseller? Were writers on any panels? I’m going to my first scifi con in October, with only 1000 people.

    • Hi Nancy – I think you will do terrific. It was a ten by ten booth made of grid wall, and curtains that we hung movie sized posters of our book covers on, with shelves for the books interspersed…there was a writers track at the hotel across the street and Piks and I each got on one. The difference we found was the people we talked to were readers – definite readers. I passed out free wristbands and some book marks if people were interested – we worked hard, but the people we met made it so worth while!
      Have fun!!

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