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OMG this post deleted itself.  Here it goes again.

I get a lot out of brainstorming. It’s tossing an idea or a piece of an idea around like ping pong, it gains weight as I go along and fleshes out.  My plotting side of my brain is a little slow and I need my ducks in a row before I can get past chapter 3.  My plotting side is the logic, the left side makes me question every detail. The left writes the fiction and finds the twists.  I ask Why did they do that?  What if?  and if their motivation to take the story to the bitter end.  No two writer write or think of stories in the same way so when you plot with a partner, it gives you different perspectives.  I love that.  Other writers thing outside the box more than I do.  

I often brainstorm in my office. by pacing and talking to myself as if I’m talking to another writer. I speak into a min tape recorder then review it for something to keep the story going.  Weird but it helps and if it doesn’t, I just pick up the phone and plead for help.   


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One thought on “Brainstorming…

  1. Rhonda Pollero on said:

    Pleading can be good!

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