2 Blondes, 1 Redhead & a Reviewer

Reviews, opinions…everybody has one

It’s not always a good thing.

This week I have been whipped with a wet noodle with one stroke of the keyboard, and with another, told that I am creatively brilliant. I’ve been told my writing was wonderful, until it turned into porn. Here’s a favorite- that my teenage character would have learned his lesson better if he’d lost an appendage. I am not making this stuff up. My Wiccan series? Some anonymous poster gave me two stars and insisted I needed to do my research – I obviously knew nothing about the Wicca religion. Anyone who knows me should get a great laugh out of that one.

The truth is writing is subjective, and if you didn’t like a book, please feel free to share your reasons with the world. But you don’t need to spend five paragraphs sharing that I, the author, personally pissed you off. I can guarantee that was not my intent, lol.

My purpose for writing is to provide entertainment. My goal when sitting down to the keyboard is to write a story that takes you away. However, unless you are my mother who loves everything I write because she genetically is programmed to do so, not everyone will like historical romance, or young adult paranormal, or books written in first person. Some people only read mysteries, and can’t stand kids. It’s okay – we are so lucky because we have a lot to choose from. You do not have to like my book. But I sure hope you do 🙂

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