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old is better than dead

So maybe my opinion is skewed because when I think of the alternative to not growing older, say, like, being dead, the crow’s feet around my eyes don’t bother me so much. I didn’t get the good genes, either, Babe Rhonda (though you look pretty damn good, lol) and I have the hint of spider viens and a second chin. Botox is sounding better and better, but my fear is looking like Joan Rivers. I could exercise more, eat less, bathe in oil of old lady, but the truth is – I don’t want to work that hard!


Now, my opinion at 55 might be different than it is at 45, and I could just change my mind. I’ve had the photofacial and microdermabrasion – once. It was great! If you’ve got the weekend to recover. I will need an eye lift, just because I can’t see very well with it dangling over my lashes. As for the rest, we will see. A fiftieth birthday present to myself might just be a two week vacation in Costa Rica, lol


I think Meryl Streep is gorgeous, and Kris Jenner – Blythe Danner is a stunning woman. It makes me sad to see the pictures of Botox gone wrong…who are your faves?


Happy Wednesday – oh, and just a reminder, the FRW Golden Palm Contest has been extended to Friday Permission to Forward Granted


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2012 Golden Palm Contest

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2 thoughts on “old is better than dead

  1. Kris Jenner may look great, but poor Bruce should never have had that facelift. Men just need to say no. It always makes them look freakish. (see also Kenny Rodgers, Burt Reynolds et al

  2. Poor Kenny! And Dolly – Cher looks good though

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