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Can you sympathize with a cartoon character?

Yes, sometimes, I can relate to them.

I should say, I love cartoons.  I especially love Pixar films.  I even tried to buy into the company 20 years ago after “Brave Little Toaster” was released.  It was privately owned then and I couldn’t.  I’m a fan of How To Train Your Dragon. The animation is amazing but back to the subject….

I relate to Underdog. I’ve always loved the ‘success without trying’ and failure that turns to success. Let’s face it, Underdog wasn’t strong or big or handsome. He could fly, always a plus but I relate to Underdog in that everyone expected great things from him, but he didn’t.

And of course, that he was good.  Sweet Polly PureBread was his girl and she was strong but when she needed him, she believed he would save her.  I think I relate because of that belief in the good soul of another person.

I was raised to see that in people and being a writer, when I see pain inflicted on someone, I also see what made that angry guy do it. It was helpful raising my son, who was bullied at age 10 and when I asked him why, he said the bully is in remedial classes when his twin was not.  I felt, he was trying to be tougher because he feels he’s not smart.  Nick eventually extended the olive branch and made friends with the bully. The boy, we later learned, was abused by his father.

When my oldest was young I created a character to tell stories for only him. Blocko Huffnagel was a Marine’s kid, with a buzz cut red hair and big for his age. With this cartoon character, I showed life lessons while making it fun. I have a sketch on my bulletin board I did nearly 25 years ago.  Someday, I’ll let that story to my grandchildren.


PS thanks for the correction Dennis. =)

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