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Ahh, welcome to my casting couch…

This is every writer’s fantasy. To be able to cast characters for a movie. I’d load up photos if I knew how to do it on this site.  I’m writing the last Dragon One, End Game

Killian Moore– Gerald Butler.   I had his image in my head from day one.

Logan Chambliss — Clive Owen, sans the English accent. Studious enough to be your doctor>

Sam Wyatt– Josh Brolin.  So perfect, rough and tough.  (huge fan of Brolin)

Riley Donovan– Bradley Cooper, the player.  Need I say more?

Sebastian Fontenot—Channing Tatum, add a little Cajun accent.  Tall, lean and handsome.

Max Renfield – Josh Duhamel I say this now, but in my head is a cross between Josh and Sam Worthington.  But let’s face it, either would do for the role.


What’s odd is Hugh Jackman didn’t make the cut, when he’s a favorite of mine.  Maybe the next book, huh?


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2 thoughts on “Ahh, welcome to my casting couch…

  1. Tessa Sheppard on said:

    I did this for one of my book ideas. So fun!

  2. Ha! I have been mentally casting the movie version of the novel I am reading!

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