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Ready for my close up


Let’s cast a Finley Tanner movie.   Not a problem except that I don’t know all the actor’s names, so you’ll just have to settle for characters they play on TV/Stage/Screen – sorry.  BTW, this is easy for me; I use visuals when I do books so I actually have photos attached to my character bios.


Finley – easy as pie.  The actress who plays Callie on CSI Miami.  She has the looks, the accent and the whole visual package.  I have no idea if she’s funny but based on her stint on The West Wing; I think she’d carry it off.


Cassidy (Fin’s mom) – another easy one.  Stockard Channing.  She’d be so perfect.  Not just visually but she can handle playing the bad girl – a huge necessity for the role.


Lisa (Fin’s sister) – piece of cake – Ashley Judd.  Quiet, unassuming and can play serious well.  She’d need those things to carry off the role of and over-achieving pediatric oncologist.


Becky (Fin’s BFF) The redhead who used to play a lawyer on L&O SUV.


And Liam . . . Detective Flack from CSI New York.


Can you tell what kind of television shows I watch?  If there’s a dead body, I’m all over it!  Now, if only these talented people would grab a copy of Slightly Irregular . . .


I’d be on cloud nine.

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6 thoughts on “Ready for my close up

  1. Yes. Eddie Cahill. Without a doubt. Finished Slightly Irregular a while back now…loved it. Especially loved the tender moment at the end with the hottie! *sigh* Will Finley EVER get some? 😉

  2. You’ll have to wait for Bargain Hunting to see of Finley makes a decision – but you know Fin she often surprises us!

  3. dawnrdennis on said:

    I can hardly wait! BTW, is there any talk of seeing Finley on the small screen? Perhaps I’m extremely biased, but Knock Off (the television series) would be great TV. There’s so many story lines possible with your characters!

  4. Well, my agent was contacted by a production company but I hear it takes months and months for them to make decisions. We can all cross our fingers

    • dawnrdennis on said:

      Oh wow. I can only hope all my finger crossing will help. And although I really know nothing about the entertainment industry, I do know it can be incredibly aggravating to the average viewer like me. All the reality TV crap that’s on now is worthless. We certainly could use some of Finley’s adventures every week.

      • Thanks so much! I’m not a fan of reality TV either, though I am an ID channel junkie. So much true crime, so little time. Thanks for the finger cross too. Film and TV production are waaaay out of my skill set too.

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